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Saturday, June 17th 9pm

“From Beatles to Blues”, these top performers have worked with many bands and recording artists in the industry, including Round Robin, Charlie Pride, Johnny Taylor, Finch, Williams, & Cardona, Stud, Ladd Roberts III, Blaze, Aaron Shook, Gigi Gostas, and many others.

Based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, ANALOG performs in many venues – concert halls, wine rooms, clubs, private parties, pubs, restaurants, coffee houses… Fine music, fun, and entertainment is had by all! They continue to always leave the audience asking for more! On the same evening, you’ll wonder at the sounds emanating from these artists, while also wanting to dance to your heart’s delight. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Join us for Analog’s debut at Cadillac Pizza this Saturday. Only the best craft beer and wood-fired pizza will be available to kick-off your weekend!

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