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The Gibbonses Unplugged

Thursday, November 30th 8pm

Tonight we’re featuring The Gibbonses. Husband and wife Jackie and Brandon Gibbons formed the Dallas based, Americana duo,The Gibbonses in 2015 after relocating from Seattle. In 2016, they released their debut, full length album, Among The Rubble, recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Jamie Hill. The duo was awarded 1st place in Rattle Music Magazine’s Spring Songwriter Contest, and also competed in Larry Joe Taylor’s 2016 Songwriter Showcase. In January of 2017 The Gibbonses received the Texas Music Pickers ‘2016 New Comer Of The Year Award’.� The Gibbonses have opened for Gary Morris, The Black Lillies, Blue Water Highway Band, Shane Smith & the Saints, William Michael Morgan, Midnight River Choir, and Troy Cartwright. They’ve also had the pleasure of sharing festival stages with Sam Riggs, William Clark Green, Prophets and Outlaws, and many other well known Texas musicians.

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